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Lost & Found: Necklace

Lost & Found: Necklace


RE FUSE Exclusive Embroidered Necklace with Gemstones
Designer: Desiree Hammen

This necklace is handmade.

It can be worn traditionally as a necklace or it can be hung on the wall like an art piece. I suggest when hanging it on a wall to use two pins, approx. 10cm apart. So that it will hang in an elongated triangle shape and that you can see every detail. Of course this is just a suggestion..

All materials are handpicked by myself and origin from places I have travelled and have lived or live. India, Los Angeles, Paris and Eindhoven all are present in this necklace, through me as the maker. The toothpaste however has another story. Is originates from Damascus, Syria, where it is manufactured. It is found by Olfa Ben Ali, who invited me for this project, at the beaches of Lesbos where it was brought by the sea. I wrapped the toothpaste in silk organza and after that I embroidered the organza by hand.

The work symbolizes the story of two lovers and their children. A family that once was happily living together but was torn apart by the tragic war situation. In this necklace they are all connected again, on one string, like a blood bond that will always remain.

It is composed of:
Rosewood, Rosewood Mala beads, Glow in the dark Mala beads, Swarovski crystals, Glass beads, Rose quartz, Rhinestone, Lapis lazuli, Pyrite, Pearl teardrops and heart shaped beads, African wedding beads, A wooden heart, Some bras elements, Letter beads & Plastic beads

Location of Object: Lesbos shore, Aegean Sea 39.390064, 26.341739
Location of Story: Vluchtgarage 52.3140958, 4.975032800000008
Location of Designer: Eindhoven 51.44164199999999, 5.469722499999989

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