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Become a RE FUSE contributor and create your viewpoint around the theme of ‘Sustainable Luxury’. Just like Ai Weiwei, Vivienne Westwood,  Imke Ligthart, Bas Kosters, Gwen Cunningham and dozens of others, you can help us by writing or contributing your viewpoints through a written article, video, photography or any means of media.

Hidden Numbers

The portrayal of the web as an eco-friendly space free of waste is inaccurate. Hidden Numbers is aiming to address such environmental issues that most aren’t aware of yet all participate in. Through generative visual poetry and textured sounds, Hidden Numbers is referencing the conflict that exists with our virtual interactions.

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Morning Glory with Mrs Jack

Time is one of the most precious things in life. Having a lot of it is a luxury. Another luxurious thing in life, for visual minds, is being surrounded by beautiful stuff. Objects, clothes, furniture … or in this case, serveware.

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Olfa Ben AliMrs Jack
I Am, Therefore I Wear

New technologies, a call for transparency and a circular economy, as well as various fashion revolutions, have opened up a dialogue on today’s issues within the fashion industry, highlighting worldwide what is happening and what we (should) do, design, produce, eat, wear … better. But do we also dare to question why?

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Between sense and sense making

Our phones seem to enhance our sense of being ‘in touch’ with the world and transform our world perceptually. Fixated on the screen as we are, we’re being drawn into a digital environment. Sometimes to such an extent that we forget about our physical bodies and the actual surroundings.

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We live under an invisible web of infinite information that tracks, traces and outlines our every action. Forcing us at times to wear virtual masks to protect ourselves from the system, evoking an unnecessary fear that consequently obstructs us from blossoming transparently into our full emotional potential.

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Refuse To Be Called A Refugee

It's difficult to be born in a place where you are considered a refugee. Even though it’s a place where your mother belongs, a place where you got your education and spent all of your childhood, and most importantly, a place where you feel safe. But you are still known as a refugee.

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The Greatest Luxury

My son will turn 18 soon. A long time ago, I promised to pay for his driver's license if he would refrain from smoking tobacco until he was 18. ‘Who cares about driving a car?’ he said when I reminded him about this promise the other week. ‘Soon cars will drive themselves.

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We Live Without A Future

Marius Janusauskas is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp who has been recognised for his intellectual take on both womenswear and menswear on various international talents’ platforms.

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Olfa Ben Ali