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To Continue to be Connected

A co-project between Shiori Akiba and Kazuya Sase.

Limited co-existing space in an environment (the garment) functions as a device to allow the wearer to experience limitations and freedom all together at once, and to feel the architectural-like quality of the fabric that they reside in.

‘To achieve sustainability in the relationships with others, in our families, in our cultures and our planet, we must connect one another.’

‘I feel more secure with extra space all around me. It’s like an extra distance between yourself and the world outside.’

Photography by Shiori Akiba.
Garments by Kazuya Sase.

Photographic assistance by Mai Okazaki.
Hair and makeup by Ilaria Cubeddu.
Models: Kevin Charlier, Liza Menendez,
Fanny De Kempeneer, Mai Okazaki, Kazuya Sase,
Khufu Mpia, Anna Ide and Arnaud Demol.