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Lost & Found: Sculpture

Lost & Found: Sculpture


Re|Fuse Exclusive Resin Sculpture

Resin, Aluminium, paper, plastic, string

Artist: Hannah Morgan

The discarded possessions upon the shore of Lesbos are without ownership. There is no record of the individuals that handled or used these objects. In this space they are silent, an inadequate testament to presence. The objects selected for this work were a bus ticket and see-thru travel pouch. The two objects were then combined as one; the fragile paper bus tickets are sealed and preserved inside the plastic travel pouch.For this work I looked closely at acts of rejection and performance of laments. Thinking through the negation of rights, I focused upon the physicality of the objects themselves. To deny their intended use, and to prevent the viewer from fetishising these remnants. With this in mind, I encased the objects within a physical representation of an act of lamentation - hand wringing. Solidifying a moment, an artefact, in a pseudo-archaeological capsule. I created a mould through directly casting my hands in motion, and then cast the negative space with resin. The found objects were embedded inside, allowing for a small remnant (the neck string) to be visible. The piece itself is a solid abstracted form of movement balanced precariously upon an industrial metal walking plate. The physicality of the work is recognised, a known surface, yet removed from a fixed idea of a bodily presence.

Location of Object: Lesbos shore, Aegean Sea 39.366164, 26.358117 Location of Story: Amsterdam, former prison 52.3500813, 4.856094399999961 Location of Artist: London, 51.5483314,-0.07220489999997426

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